Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yes, it is 2009!

Do I want to begin blogging again...I am not sure. I am going to do a duel blog with john when we go on Youth Choir Tour on June 8. Maybe I will get back into the swing of things. I just don't think I have that much to day anymore...Call me crazy.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

My Tale from the Dominican Republic

All in all mission was accomplished. We spent some quality time with our friend Kim from South Bend, My sister and I did not kill each other...probably thanks to Kim, and we got a few days to rest and relax. Of course there really is not too much to do in the DR as they call it. So happy about that to begin with. No extreme sports to occupy my time this trip. We got an awesome deal ($700 for 6 days) so we did do a few other things. The resort was all inclusive which in my opinion is sort of like a cruise in that the food is not what the whole trip is really about so load up on the things you like. Plus I was a little worried to eat some things I normally love due to the water and all. As a whole the food was edible but nothing was outstanding. Did not bother us too much. We ate out at a little place down on the beach we had heard about which had wonderful steaks and burgers. They also have these things they call "Dumptruck Potaotes" the boil little potatoes and then smash them a little and then fry them. They were yummy!

The Second day we did go on a day trip to a little private island via a yacht and had a nice lunch on another island and then we went bananna boating. Whoo Hoo. I actually went and it was fine. The second boat turned over 3 times. We did not. The private Island was absolutely georgeous! I would love to stay there a week or more but they just had a little hut and some cold drinks. Not facilities as you will and luckily I didn't need one. Kim sadly got sick on the way back to the resort from the food mixed with a bumpy bus ride home.

The next day we went to the Ocean Wold which was fine but just a Big Lots version of Sea World in my opinion. Beth did get to swim with the dolphins which she loved...so for the most part it was worth it too.

On day 3 we just sat around by the pool and did nothing which was wonderful. They had 7 pools and we could have our pick any place we wanted to be for the most part. Very few people around and only a few kids. We all tried out the slide. My limit on extreme sports for this trip. Beth and Kim got so tickled on it I thought one of them was going to lose it.
Hope you will enjoy the pictures.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

No, I did not perish in the fire.

So sorry blog reader...yes singular. I will have to post some photos and journal about my trip to the Dominican...Fantastico!
So on the morning of April 16 I was awake but just barely when I heard the fire alarm going off. I look out in the hall...nothing, look out my window...nothing. So I jump in the shower to get ready for work. As I am exiting the shower with my alarm still sounding I do smell a bit of smoke. So I towel off throw on my clothes from last night, put my hair in a ponytail still wet and grab #1. my purse containing my passport, #2. the sacred church needledpoint we have been slaving over for over a year now and head out to find Mimi. She is waiting for me when I come out and we proceed to the lobby of our building. Well, the smoke has cleared and the fire is almost all the way out but since it is a big building with some businesses as well they sounded a code 5 which means every station in a 10 mile radius responds. I counted about 20 fire trucks and 7 other emergency vehicles. We sat around outside for over an hour and then we were given the all clear. Mimi and I sat in the lobby and watched all the firemen come and go. Not a bad way to start the day I must say. I then had to call into my office and tell them we had a fire and I would be in late. "What's new" they replied. See, I'm not usually a tardy individual...ok...maybe a little, but only where work is concerned. The problem is that on Thursday of the previous week our water was shut off due to a broken line about 3 miles away from me. I get up and no water. Of course I could not go to work without a shower. Then on Friday...the next day...A tree fell over our driveway and we were all stuck in the parking garage until 10:30a.m. So when I called them about the fire I know they were questioning whether I should even come in at all, as was I. As you can see from the picture it was not a serious fire and it was far away from me but still you never know. It was on the news and in the paper and everything so it was sort of a big deal. It was caused by an extention cord which I have all over my place. Trust me I unplugged them all before I left for the Dominican.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Fire! Everyone Evacuate The Building

This may look like a small fire to you but the owner lost everything. Inside it is completely BLACK! I thought it would be rude to take pictures. Especially since it is the middle of the night when I went up there to take the picture. Check back tomorrow for the outside photos and story.
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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Barcelona, We have a problem??

Seeing as how our flight on September 15 out of Barcelona is at 12:00 noon, I thought I should find out about the train schedule from Malaga to Barcelona. Lucky I did...It is a 14 Hour train ride! Yes 1-4....Yikes...I had no idea. It is only about an inch on the map. I thought Spain was about the size of Georgia. Well, the good news is that they do have an overnight train both ways which My dad loves. Sadly, we'll have to leave on Friday night the 13th from Malaga. Right now our plan is to get leave Provence on Friday morning the 7th and spend the night in Barcelona. I guess now we can't leave Barcelona until Saturday night the 8th and arrive in Malaga on Sunday morning the 9th and stay until Friday nightthe 13th. Oh Well...It is vacation right...Go with the flow! Our Time Share is booked from Saturday to Saturday.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait!

As I have previously reveled I am planning a trip for my family to Paris, the South of France, Barcelona and Malaga Spain for September 1-15. We had sort of already set these dates due to a tour we signed up for in Provence. I forgot that September 1 would be a holiday and hard to find cheap fares. Well low and behold I have been scouring the internet for WEEKS for a cheap flight. As I looked and looked at every travel sight I could come up with...well me and Clark Howard could come up with...I set a goal price of $750 for the round trip tickets. Pretty ambitious seeing as how the cheapest thing I could find was $1178. So, last night I am surfing, surfing, surfing...every travel site and even sites the sites I am searching suggest. Finally I find a fluke of a deal for $365 ROUND TRIP to Paris and return from Barcelona. I am sweating...I call my sister who has been working 15-17 hour days for the past 3 weeks...she works for an accounting firm. Her response...”who is this?” It was after midnight. So I finally calm down and tell her the details and she says “get it!” so I go to book it and the website says...”Sorry this fare is no longer available, it is now $979” Ugh...I won't give up. I search and search some more, call my parents and get them on board, search and search...finally a fluke happens AGAIN and I find the same fare. OK, so now I know it is not a joke. I am determined. Sparing you anymore details like the website trying to charge me for all 6 tickets....I am finally able to book all 6 of us from Atlanta ~ Paris, We'll then take the train...... to Provence and from Provence to Barcelona and Barcelona to Malaga then back to Barcelona and then fly from Barcelona ~ Atlanta. The plane tickets were only $455 with taxes and fees. I paid for 3 and my dad paid for 3. I am good!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My 5 Favorite Things Today!

Today, being Tuesday, I thought would be a good day to tell you about the 5 things I love best right now. That and the fact that my radio station talked about it this morning too.

1. My very most favorite thing right now is "Prison Break." I am so happy it is on Monday nights because it gets me over the Monday hump. Only 2 more episodes this season and I am going to be so sad when it ends. I have faith Paul Kellerman is going to do the right thing.

2. My second favorite thing is getting ready for my vacation. I am going to the Dominican Republic in just a little over a month. I have been shopping and checking out all the cute spring clothes. I also spend a lot of time in the evenings reading all the reviews of my resort. I'd have to say it is about 50/50 with folks who liked it and those who do not. I have learned so much.

3. My third favorite thing would have to be my new Vera Bradley Bag I "won" at our preschool auction. It is in my newest pattern and if you keep up with Vera at all you know how quickly the pattern you love retires. So as soon as I picked this new pattern it was already gone. Now I have several small pieces and this one big bag I just bought to go with my old pieces that do not match. E-bay here I come!

4. My fourth favorite thing is my co-workers. They are all pretty chipper today and no one is getting on my nerves too bad (never you bossy). I love having lunch with them but sadly we don't do that enough these days. It is just not the same eating in which I did yesterday for the first time in a long time. It wasn't so bad but I just don't like it. I'm an eater outer!

5. Last but not least I've got to say it...My Tab! I can't believe the number of people who ask me every day if they still are making Tab.....well not every day but all the time! In Asheville this weekend a young lad saw the can and thought we were from another planet. "WOW, Cool, look at that retro soda!" Retro???? Tab has been around longer than you young man. It has never been off the market and I am praying the Coca Cola company will listen to me and never retire it.

Have a good Tuesday!